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The Impossible Quiz

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The Impossible Quiz is a very interesting and popular online flash game. This game is liked, by great number of people all over the world and they play this awesome game with great pleasure. The essence of the game is pretty easy; you will need to take the test, answering all the “issues”. In the beginning of the game you are given a question and four possible answers: A, B, C, D and you must guess the correct answer then you will be asked a second question and then a third and so on. In the game The Impossible Quiz is over 120 questions of different complexity that will not let you get bored. This is quiz, that is almost impossible to pass, but everyone has chances, in any case, the effort is worthwhile. For real gamers who like puzzle games, nothing is impossible. As a whole this is not just a game of question and answer. This game is on the mind and reaction to the way of thinking and logic. The game is very helpful to develop thinking abilities, improves English proficiency and broadens the mind.¬†You must think deeper and harder to answer well. Many of the questions are on memory, some on reaction. But most of the 120 questions are on the logic. With this game you will learn many interesting things. Questions may seem very simple, but you should have a good reaction, custom logic and a bit of luck. Expect tricks and various surprises in every question, solve tricky tasks and prove that you can reach the end of this difficult but very interesting game. You have only 3 chances to make a mistake. Some questions require a specific answer, and some do not even look like a questions and their answers seem to you as a set of letters or words, or in else something absurd. Try to guess the answers using associative thinking and try to keep 3 error chances for the end of the game, otherwise you will be very upset, if you answer wrong on the 100th issue, and will have to start all over again. Basic idea, to win is “Think Wider.”

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