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The Impossible Quiz 2

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The Impossible Quiz 2 is yet another addition to the crazy world of online flash games. It is a sequel to the popular game “The Impossible Quiz” as you would have rightly guessed it from its name although you need not be too happy about it since there were no prizes for guessing anyway. This game remains one of the most challenging quiz games ever while being so much fun at the same time. The will to test your limits and the competitive spirit of the game gets you going day and night and soon grows into an addiction. This quiz is a breath of fresh air in the sense that it does not have boring standard issue questions. Although the questions are so much fun, they do tickle your grey cells. The way the questions are represented is absolutely brilliant with a lot of humour and very tastefully represented. The game grows on you and you want to try it just one more time but that is never the last time. The beauty of the game lies in its simplicity although you will be greatly mistaken if you take it way too lightly since like they say, this game is not for the weak willed and the faint hearted. The answers to the questions require a lot of logical reasoning, level headed thinking, and calculated guessing and well, at times just wild guessing. This game never amazes to surprise people who play it even though sometimes the questions may get a little silly but there is always a little more than that meets the eye. You will really enjoy this interesting flash game.

Rules and the details

Impossible Quiz 2 is a simple game with a few rules and even fewer elements although it is enough to make one go almost crazy about it. Simply put, this game can be won by answering all the questions one after the other but it is easier said than done. There are several obstacles that make the game what it is today with people attempting it day and night and still not being able to complete it. The questions in the quiz are very innocent looking that offer you four possible choices in the form of multiple options and you got to pick one. The biggest tip to play this game The Impossible Quiz 2 is to think in all the possible directions and not take any answer for granted. If you think that you have all the time to play this game, you are greatly mistaken. A lot times while you are at a question, you will see a bomb somewhere at the top right hand corner of the screen that will mess up with your head further since we all know how we tend to lose it under deadlines. Having said that, it also adds to a lot more fun since the game becomes quick and quite a thrill. Needless to say, once your timer touches 0, your game is over. The timer can be anywhere between 15 seconds to 1 second. Next thing you might want to look out for is the “Power-Ups”. They may be hidden but that is only for a reason since they bring something nice with them. You will generally come across two types of such power buttons. Another interesting lifeline in this game is the “Skip” button which lets you skip a question. No hidden conditions except for the fact that there are only 3 of them to collect. Once collected, they can be used from the bottom of the screen by just clicking on them. And finally a brand new enhancement to the game, make way for the “FuseStoppers”. They are three in number all through the quiz hidden at places and they can be invoked as soon as they open their eyes and they will render the bomb useless but they will appear way more less than you would wish for. They are active as soon as they smell a bomb fuse. These are the only rules you need to keep in mind while going crazy playing the most popular flash game Impossible Quiz 2.


The difficulty level of the game The Impossible Quiz 2 is the biggest factor that will keep you at taking the quiz over and over again till you can finish the whole quiz after a trillion chances and establish yourself to be the smartest person around. You would truly have a conversation starter at parties. So gear up for the most challenging yet fun quiz of all times and pray you get all the luck available in this galaxy and the others.

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